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If you continue to brag about Tyler following you I will have no other choice but to unfollow you.
I hate how ever since he started following you, you have been posting pictures of youself. He's following your blog because he likes what you post (I am assuming) you don't have to take a new picture of youself and upload it every single time you see him post something (meaning he's online).
I hate how you are also making comments like a fucking 2 year old about having the CD and whatever.
I hate how you have only been a fan for ONE MONTH and yet you can get followed while others have been fans for over a year and nothing. That doesn't mean I am angry with Tyler, don't take it to mean that.

Who the fucks dick are you sucking? Please let me know. How the fuck does someone get two celebs to follow them as well at 303 Twitter followers and 300 tumblr followers.

Keep fuckin' bragging your ass off you hipster bitch. People are going to get sick of hearing you talk. That or they're just following you and talking to you to see if THEY will get followed back.

I haven't been THIS jealous in a long time. It's sickening. No, really. I feel like I am going to be sick.
I want to buy tickets to see CKY. I don't even care if I end up going by myself at this point. I'll fucking wander through NYC (how I will actually get to NYC is a different story because I won't be able to afford that either) and get lost. Seriously. IDGAF.

The more this bitch brags though the less I start liking Tyler. That's not good.
I need to shut my mouth now.

But seriously. Everyone has awesome shit happen to them all the time. What the fuck about me?

I just need a place to go...

On every website that I am a part of (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, ect.) I have at least one friend. On every website EXCEPT here, LiveJournal, that is. I can't go to any of my other pages and freely rant or reflect upon decisions because sometimes I just don't want my friends to read what I write. Here, I am anonymous in a way, for none of you know me personally.

I hope that makes sense.

I have come here today for I am confused.

I just spent $610.86 on a Canon EOS Rebel XS with 18mm-55mm IS lens and a 75mm-300mm telephoto lens. I have spent 7 months researching cameras and doing nothing but long for one. Photography is a HUGE passion of mine and if I had the option to be a successful professional photographer, I would be one.
However, now that the camera is on it's way to my house (it will be here tomorrow) I am not sure I want it anymore.

I have to be excited though, right? I mean, when you spend 7 months researching something and saving up your money, and practically obsessing over the item, when you actually DO get it you SHOULD be excited, right? So then why am I not? I was excited all the way up until I had enough money for it. Then I wasn't so excited anymore.

I should be excited about getting it. I don't know why the thought of getting it tomorrow makes me want to cry a little. I don't mean 'tears of happiness' cry, either. I mean CRY.

I don't know...I mean, I think I want it. I DO want to take pictures with it. I really do. I just... I really, really don't know how I feel about it anymore.

What is wrong with me? Why don't I feel the way I should? I have no clue what I'm doing.

New computer

I havent posted here more than once.


Cos. I didnt want to.
There. At least Im honest.
The weird thing is, I do have a journal online. Its on Deviant Art.
I post there more because I have friends there. Where I dont have any here, so sometimes I see no point.

Anyway, I have a new computer that I now have to load up with my music and stuff. How fun does that sound?
Right now only half of my music is on here. >< I have to upload all my CDs now. And that is going to take forever!
At least I have Photoshop now.

I spent 273.00 at the mall last Saturday. I bought things like Dunn & Vito's Rock Tour, Jackass 2.5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twister, Dragonheart, and the new All-American Rejects CD.

I slept for 10 1/2 hours today.
Thats not normal is it.

1st Entry

    Alright, so this is my first journal entry ever.
I currently have nothing better to do than look for fansites for Big Wolf on Campus. Maybe later I will look for some more screen caps from the movie Holes and make some icons. But that might not be for a while.